About Pavlov's Lab

Pavlov’s Lab is synonymous to exceptional quality dessert making! The actual laboratory of the Pavlov family opened its doors to the public in May 2014, but the story started long before that! For the past 10 years the Pavlovs have been creating high end sculpture cakes, themed cookies and desserts, for their demanding followers!

Inspired by the famous experiment by Ivan Pavlov and of course by the family name, Pavlov’s Lab “experiments” with the art of patisserie, using the finest materials, the latest techniques and gets inspired both by tradition and novelty!

In Pavlov’s Lab we shop for ingredients not for baking mixtures! On a daily basis, our vendors bring us fresh fruits, eggs, nuts and all the necessary products that are the basis of our supreme quality desserts!

Last but not least, we are committed to create every and each one dessert from scratch! That means that we actually use our recipes, pick carefully the finest ingredients and stir them, crack them, melt them and bake them the old fashioned way!

We love to prepare, but we never prebake 😉

That’s why you need to pre order!

what we offer